Quarrying activities have led to severe cases of environmental pollution. The machines produce a lot of noise. The trucks and caterpillars breaking boulders generate a lot of dust. Quarrying also leaves the land in an ugly state. Land degradation is thus typical in places where quarrying activities are rampant. Many organizations and companies are coming out to speak against quarrying.

Environmental Conservation Companies

Companies dealing with environmental conservation speak against establishing new quarries. Quarrying activities go against their policy of making the environment clean. Quarrying forces these companies to incur considerable expenses in land reclamation. It is thus apparent that they will oppose the establishment of new quarries.

Agricultural Organizations

Organizations in the agricultural sector also oppose new quarries. When land degrades, the agricultural output is affected. Quarrying activities are rendering arable lands useless. Agricultural companies are against new quarries because it affects their work of producing food.

Health Organizations

Quarries have devastating health effects on both the workers and those living around. Health organizations are using a lot of money in treating victims. Many health companies are thus opposing new quarries.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies risk running at a loss when they insure quarry workers. The risks involved in quarrying activities are too high. In case of accidents, they use a lot of money in the form of compensation. Some insurance companies do not want new quarries. Most governments impose new regulations to quarry owners. They insist that quarry workers must get insurance.

To sum up, most companies against new quarries are those who stand to lose when a new quarry is in place. Quarries force them to incur expenses.